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Cover 1 - Thumbnail Artist Title Format Released Company Catalog No
Bowley & Wilson Greatest Tits LP 809-04
Don Bowman Little Bad Dan/Igmoo 7" GNP 170X
Don Bowman My Voice is Changing/What Kind of Fool Am I? 7" 47-9197
Don Bowman Wrong House/Graduation Day 7" 47-8588
Don Bowman From Mexico with Laughs LP 1967 LSP-3795
Don Bowman Funny Folk Flops LP 1968 LSP-3920
Kent Bowman No Talk Stink! LP HS-545
Bowser & Blue Bowser & Blue CD 1986 JUST 9-2
Bowser & Blue The Lovely & Talented CD 1989 JUST 32-2
Bowser & Blue Westmount Rhodesians CD 1990 JUST 37-2
Boys Don't Cry I Wanna Be a Cowboy 7" 1985 PRO-5084
Bobby Braddock Hardpore Cornography EP 1983 MHL1-8604
Oscar Brand Bawdy Songs and Back Room Ballads Vol. 2 LP AFLP 1806
Oscar Brand Bawdy Songs and Back Room Ballads Vol. 3 LP AFSD 5824
Oscar Brand The Best of Oscar Brand LP TR 2053
Oscar Brand Every Inch a Sailor LP EKL-169
Oscar Brand For Doctors Only LP EKL-204
Oscar Brand Laughing America LP TLP 1014
Oscar Brand Live on Campus LP KS 3624
Oscar Brand Morality LP A-25
Oscar Brand Out of the Blue LP EKL-178
Oscar Brand Pie in the Sky LP TLP 1022
Oscar Brand Sings for Adults LP ABC-388
Oscar Brand Bawdy Songs and Back Room Ballads 10" 1955 AFLP 906
Oscar Brand Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads Vol. 1 LP 1955 AFSD 5906