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Cover 1 - Thumbnail Artist Title Format Released Company Catalog No
Somer Alberg Toyland 7" 78 RPM L-37
Frank Alesia & Timothy Blake Forgive Me Father, I Have Sinned... LP 1973 A171
Lou Alexander The Earth Shattering Lou Alexander LP UAS 6718
ALF The Many Faces of ALF Cardboard 1988
Muhammad Ali I'm the Greatest LP 1976 IRDA-LPN-6020
Allen & Grier Better to Be Rich Than Ethnic LP FMLP305
Allen & Rossi Allen and Rossi Tell the Truth About the Green Horn-Nut and Ca-toe LP LP 507
Allen & Rossi The Fighter/The Golfer 7" 45-10402
Allen & Rossi In Person LP MG 20979
Allen & Rossi One More Time Hello Dere! LP ABC-445
Allen & Rossi Allen & Rossi Meet the Great Society LP 1964 SR 61015
Allen & Rossi (Bernie) According to Allen & Rossi Sex Is: LP 1973 CPS-1001
Fred Allen Fred Allen Looks at Life 2LP 1971 S-6969
Steve Allen Funny Fone Calls LP DLP 3472
Steve Allen Funny Fone Calls LP 1983 811 366-1 M-1
Steve Allen More Funny Fone Calls LP 1983 811 367-1 M-1
Woody Allen The Third Woody Allen Album LP ST-2986
Woody Allen The Wonderful Wacky World of Woody Allen LP BELL 6008
Woody Allen Woody Allen LP 1964 SCP 518
Woody Allen Volume 2 LP 1965 CP 488
Woody Allen The Night Club Years 1964-1968 2LP 1972 UAS-9968
Woody Allen Standup Comic 2LP 1979 NBLP 2-7145
The All-New Z Morning Zoo Review The Last 100 Years: 1890-1990 CD 1990
Peter Alsop Peter Alsop LP 1975 NUMBER FIVE
Peter Alsop Uniforms LP 1981 256