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Cover 1 - Thumbnail Artist Title Format Released Company Catalog No
Sandy Baron How I Found God, Zen, Yoga, est, Arica, Sufi, Scientology, TM...and My Life Still Sucks! LP 1977 T-537
Barron Knights Teach the World to Laugh LP 1979 EPC 83891
Barron Knights Jesta Giggle LP 1980 EPC 84550
Dave Barry Laughs for Losers LP LRP 3176
Dave Barry Will the Real Howard Hughes Please Stand Up? LP 1972 DSS 5006
Belle Barth Belle Barth at Las Vegas LP LP 14,000,002
Belle Barth Belle Barth's Wild, Wild, Wild, Wild World LP LP 14,000,001
Belle Barth The Customer Comes First LP L109C
Belle Barth The Customer Comes First LP A109
Belle Barth For Adults Only LP R 301
Belle Barth I Don't Mean To Be Vulgar, But It's Profitable LP SUR-169
Belle Barth If I Embarrass You Tell Your Friends LP LAH 69
Belle Barth If I Embarrassed You Forget It LP R 306
Belle Barth In Person LP LT 901
Belle Barth My Next Story Is A Little Risque LP LAH 69½
Belle Barth The Book Of Knowledge LP 1974 LAFF 180
Belle Barth and Pearl Williams Battle Of The Mothers LP R 305
The Barton Brothers Cockeye Jenny LP LP 475
The Barton Brothers Jewish Comedy Songs LP LP 475
The Barton Brothers Stories Our Jewish Mother Forgot to Tell Us LP JGM 2061
Joan Barton Low Lights & Laughs LP 1962 WS 1481
Barzman & McCormick From: Studio B LP 1978 FSB-377
Toni Basil Word of Mouth LP 1981 CHR 1410
Toni Basil Mickey (Club Mix) 12" 1982 CDS 2666
Eli Basse Basse-Ackwards LP 1962 CB-1