The Just For Laughs Players / Just For Laughs
Cover 1
Artist The Just For Laughs Players
Title Just For Laughs
Format LP
Released 1981
Number of Tracks 13
A1. Now That's Funny! (0:53)
A2. Gesundheit (1:10)
A3. "Ja Hear The One About..." (1:20)
A4. A Ticklish Situation (0:53)
A5. Too Much Soda (0:33)
A6. Don't Make Me Laugh (1:38)
A7. A Bunch Of Laughs (0:39)
A8. Mass Hysteria (3:22)
A9. Dueling Chuckles (0:18)
A10. The Last Gasp (0:37)
A11. The Last Recital (1:43)
A12. Jingle Bells Laughing All The Way (1:25)
B1. Party Time (15:00)