The Crown City Four / Sing A Song Of Sickness
Cover 1
Artist The Crown City Four
Title Sing A Song Of Sickness
Format LP
Number of Tracks 12
A1. Watch World War Three (On Pay T-V) (2:13)
A2. Fill Out The Policies, Mother (2:04)
A3. The Annual Get-Together (Of The KKK And NAACP) (1:37)
A4. Guillotine Days (3:03)
A5. Fifty Million Commies Can't Be Wrong (1:42)
A6. The Big Sporting House In The Sky (2:56)
B1. It's Fun To Be Hazed (1:53)
B2. Oh What We Grow (In Old Mexico) (3:00)
B3. Send The Girls Over There (1:46)
B4. I Saw Adolph Today (1:52)
B5. The Richer They Are (The Slower I Cure Them) (2:19)
B6. Leave The Slums Alone (2:39)