The Chipmunks / Chipmunk Mania
The Chipmunks / Chipmunk Mania
Cover 1
Artist The Chipmunks
Title Chipmunk Mania
Format LP
Released 1982
Number of Tracks 16
A1. The Chipmunk Song (2:20)
A2. Alvin's Harmonica (2:40)
A3. Ragtime Cowboy Joe (2:07)
A4. The Alvin Twist (2:38)
A5. Chipmunk Fun (1:54)
A6. Witch Doctor (2:19)
A7. Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter (2:44)
A8. I'm Henry VIII, I Am (2:10)
B1. She Loves You (2:12)
B2. Twist and Shout (2:35)
B3. All My Loving (2:16)
B4. Do You Want to Know a Secret (2:02)
B5. A Hard Day's Night (2:44)
B6. I Saw Her Standing There (2:53)
B7. Can't Buy Me Love (2:04)
B8. I Want to Hold Your Hand (2:34)