Frank Hatch / Songs of Old Castine
Frank Hatch / Songs of Old Castine
Cover 1
Artist Frank Hatch
Title Songs of Old Castine
Format LP
Released 1961
Number of Tracks 16
A1. Windmill Hill (2:08)
A2. Railroad Song (2:36)
A3. Jake and Joe (2:03)
A4. Mrs. Roosevelt (2:29)
A5. Why Doesn't a Clam Get Claustrophobia (3:19)
A6. Sardine Factory Blues (2:55)
A7. The Castine Swimming Pool (1:56)
A8. Oakum Bay (2:02)
B1. Blue Serge Suit (2:27)
B2. Madakowando's Daughter (4:44)
B3. Compass in My Heart (2:08)
B4. Boy Bring the Bucket (3:36)
B5. Livery Stable (2:13)
B6. Town Meeting (0:59)
B7. I'm So Miserable (1:50)
B8. The Dump (2:45)