Various Artists / All Ears
Various Artists / All Ears
Cover 1
Artist Various Artists
Title All Ears
Format LP
Number of Tracks 10
A1. Hey Shirley (This is Squirrely) / Shirley & Squirrely (3:06)
A2. Honey Bee (Please Answer Me) / Randy Goodrum (3:07)
A3. Come On, Come On, CB Baby / Bob Gelotte (2:52)
A4. Everybody's Somebody (In Our CB World) / Ed Bernet (2:35)
A5. Hey Good Buddy (Where's My Baby) / Johnny Hemphill (2:37)
B1. The Handles Hall of Fame / Johnny Hemphill (3:15)
B2. Listenin' CB Blues / Mac Wiseman (2:29)
B3. Ain't Ever Gonna Be Lonely Again / Curtis Young (2:08)
B4. L.J.'s CB Radio / Oscar Ray (5:04)
B5. The Night I Talked To the Lord / Ed Bernet (3:42)