The Android Sisters / Songs of Electronic Despair
Cover 1
Artist The Android Sisters
Title Songs of Electronic Despair
Format LP
Released 1984
Number of Tracks 11
A1. Sss-X Minus One (4:15)
A2. Invasion (3:25)
A3. Down On the Electronic Farm (1:56)
A4. Telephone Wires in the Tropics (3:53)
A5. Huh? (2:25)
A6. Ray-dee-oh (2:44)
B1. Livin' In the 50's (3:56)
B2. A Coconut Cooed (3:33)
B3. Robots Are Coming (4:09)
B4. Dumb is Fun (2:07)
B5. Macho Robot or The Banana Trilogy (4:17)