The Austin Lounge Lizards / Creatures From the Black Saloon
Cover 1
Artist The Austin Lounge Lizards
Title Creatures From the Black Saloon
Format LP
Released 1984
Number of Tracks 14
A1. The Golden Triangle (4:38)
A2. Hot Tubs of Tears (2:34)
A3. Pflugerville (2:53)
A4. The Car Hank Died in (3:16)
A5. Swingin' From Your Crystal Chandeliers (4:04)
A6. Kool Whip (1:17)
A7. We Are in Control (0:29)
B1. Didn't Go to College (1:27)
B2. Saguaro (3:29)
B3. Keeping Up with the Joneses (2:43)
B4. The War Between the States (3:19)
B5. Old & Fat & Drunk (2:41)
B6. Chester Woolah (3:32)
B7. Anahuac (2:05)