Brute Force / Confections of Love
Brute Force / Confections of Love
Cover 1
Artist Brute Force
Title Confections of Love
Format LP
Released 1966
Number of Tracks 11
A1. In Jim's Garage (2:46)
A2. The Sad Sad World of Mothers and Fathers (3:00)
A3. Tierra Del Fuego (2:02)
A4. No Olympian Height (2:18)
A5. Cudd'ly (2:09)
B1. To Sit on a Sandwich (2:22)
B2. Brute's Circus Metaphor (2:20)
B3. Brute's Party (2:17)
B4. As Long as My Song Lives (2:33)
B5. Tapeworm of Love (1:47)
B6. Making Faces at Each Other (2:29)