The Fugs / It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest
Cover 1
Artist The Fugs
Title It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest
Format LP
Released 1986
Number of Tracks 21
A1. Crystal Liaison (3:06)
A2. Ramses II is Dead, My Love (2:46)
A3. Burial Waltz (2:23)
A4. Wide Wide River (2:47)
A5. Life is Strange (2:31)
B1. Johnny Pissoff Meets the Red Angel (4:33)
B2. Marijuana (1:36)
B3. Leprechaun (0:12)
B4. When the Mode of the Music Changes (3:55)
B5. Whimpers From the Jello (0:21)
B6. The Divine Toe (Part I) (0:38)
B7. We're Both Dead Now, Alice (0:16)
B8. Life is Funny (0:14)
B9. Grope Need (Part I) (0:19)
B10. Tuli, Visited By the Ghost of Plotinus (0:02)
B11. More Grope Need (Grope Need - Part II) (0:18)
B12. Robinson Crusoe (0:18)
B13. Claude Pelieu and J. J. Lebel Discuss the Early Verlaine Bread Crust Fragments (4:26)
B14. The National Haiku Contest (0:25)
B15. The Divine Toe (Part II) (0:47)
B16. Irene (1:09)