Charley Drew / Album II
Charley Drew / Album II
Cover 1
Artist Charley Drew
Title Album II
Format LP
Number of Tracks 12
A1. Can't Put it on a Platter (3:04)
A2. The Girls I've Loved & Lost (2:23)
A3. Bell Bottom Trousers (2:17)
A4. Robert the Roue From Reading, Pa. (2:19)
A5. Scheherezade (3:14)
A6. Up In the Second Mezzanine (2:27)
B1. The Mailman (2:32)
B2. Caviar Comes From Virgin Sturgeon (2:43)
B3. She Went to See a Man About a Dog (2:11)
B4. You Can't Fool the Boys Behind the Desk (2:39)
B5. When the Old Village Clock Strikes 9 (2:20)
B6. Do Not Disturb (2:32)