Various Artists / The Electric Company
Various Artists / The Electric Company
Cover 1
Artist Various Artists
Title The Electric Company
Format LP
Released 1974
Number of Tracks 16
A1. The Electric Company Theme / Short Circus and Friends (0:42)
A2. Giggles Goggles / Rita Moreno and Judy Graubart (1:15)
A3. Easy Reader / Morgan Freeman and Lee Chamberlin (2:24)
A4. Silent "E" / Tom Lehrer (1:30)
A5. Be Kind To the Letter "S" / Morgan Freeman, Jimmy Boyd, Skip Hinnant, Judy Graubart, Rita Moreno and Lee Chamberlin (1:28)
A6. Hard, Hard, Hard / Short Circus (2:00)
A7. The Sign Song / The Kids (2:03)
A8. A Mysterious Phone Call / Mel Brooks and Skip Hinnant (0:47)
B1. "D" / Mel Brooks, Rita Moreno and Short Circus (1:49)
B2. Punctuation / Rita Moreno, Lee Chamberlin, Short Circus and Victor Borge (2:36)
B3. Jennifer of the Jungle / Judy Graubart, Morgan Freeman and Skip Hinnant (2:03)
B4. The Clown Song / Short Circus (1:22)
B5. The Clam Song / Skip Hinnant (1:56)
B6. Fight Song / Entire Cast (1:33)
B7. Electric Company March (0:44)
B8. Your Rich Uncle Died / Entire Cast (0:31)