Professor Paradiddle / Drums, Drollery and Drivel
Cover 1
Artist Professor Paradiddle
Title Drums, Drollery and Drivel
Format LP
Number of Tracks 10
A1. An Evening With the Snare Drum (4:01)
A2. Paradiddles, Birds and Bees (2:52)
A3. The Origin Of the Drum (3:06)
A4. Indians and Soldiers (3:25)
A5. Wild Boar and Big Game Hunting (4:32)
B1. Tom-Boy Meets Tom-Girl (3:41)
B2. Dangerous Drumming (2:36)
B3. Drum Psychiatry (1:46)
B4. Beatniks and Bongos (2:12)
B5. A Small Town Drummer (4:26)