Don Bowman / Funny Folk Flops
Don Bowman / Funny Folk Flops
Cover 1
Artist Don Bowman
Title Funny Folk Flops
Format LP
Released 1968
Number of Tracks 12
A1. Green Sleeves (2:29)
A2. Crawdad Song (2:30)
A3. Under Tremendous Amount of Pressure (2:45)
A4. Worried Man (2:22)
A5. All My Trials (2:00)
A6. Dealyer's Stoned (2:37)
B1. The San Francisco Scene (2:16)
B2. In the Pine Trees (2:11)
B3. Messin' Up My Mind (2:52)
B4. House Of the Setting Sun (2:05)
B5. Tom Dooley Baby (2:01)
B6. Streets of San Francisco (2:39)