The Dehorn Crew / Solar Sailors
The Dehorn Crew / Solar Sailors
Cover 1
Artist The Dehorn Crew
Title Solar Sailors
Format LP
Released 1977
Number of Tracks 11
A1. Starwind Rising (2:02)
A2. Eternal Loser (3:00)
A3. Wobblies From Space (7:00)
A4. Couplets for a Departure (3:10)
A5. Castaway (2:42)
B1. Banned From Argo (5:50)
B2. Thoughts on Strange Visitors (2:11)
B3. Six Haiku for a New Flower (2:46)
B4. The Enemy Within (2:00)
B5. Neutral Zone, Romulan View (2:11)
B6. Starwind Rising (Reprise) (0:39)