Various Artists / Mad "Twists" Rock 'N' Roll
Cover 1
Artist Various Artists
Title Mad "Twists" Rock 'N' Roll
Format LP
Number of Tracks 12
A1. High School Basketball Game / Jeanne Hayes (2:28)
A2. Nose Job / Mike Russo (2:13)
A3. Please, Betty Jane / The Dellwoods (2:32)
A4. Somebody Else's Dandruff / Jeanne Hayes (2:34)
A5. Bind Date / Mike Russo (1:56)
A6. Agnes / Mike Russo (2:26)
B1. Let's Do the Pretzel / Mike Russo (2:17)
B2. I'll Always Remember Being Young / The Dellwoods (3:10)
B3. When My Pimples Turned to Dimples / Jeanne Hayes (2:04)
B4. She's a Serious (Yeah-Yeah!) Teenager in Love / Mike Russo (2:11)
B5. My Johnny's Hub Cap / Jeanne Hayes (2:20)
B6. I Found Her Telephone Number Written on the Boy's Bathroom Wall / Mike Russo (2:22)