Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre / Born to Be Tiled
Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre / Born to Be Tiled
Cover 1
Artist Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre
Title Born to Be Tiled
Format LP
Released 1986
Number of Tracks 18
A1. Either Way is Fine With Me (4:52)
A2. Real People Of the Future: The Vatican Disco (1:34)
A3. Ask Dr. Science: Four Questions (1:21)
A4. Money is a Gun (1:35)
A5. Millionaire Bootcamp (6:49)
A6. Waiting In the Car (2:12)
A7. I'm an Old Folksinger (3:00)
A8. The Underwater World of Jacques Cocteau (4:45)
A9. The Day They Put Laughter in Prison (0:30)
B1. The Boogadoo Players: A Soundamentary (1:21)
B2. Taboo (3:33)
B3. The Boogadoo Players (0:15)
B4. Burger Wars (5:41)
B5. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition is In) (3:22)
B6. The Boogadoo Players: An Update (0:16)
B7. The Day They Put Laugher in Prison II (0:45)
B8. The Invasion of the Mole People (10:20)
B9. The Boogadoo Players (0:10)