Billy Crystal / Mahvelous!
Billy Crystal / Mahvelous!
Cover 1
Artist Billy Crystal
Title Mahvelous!
Format LP
Released 1985
Number of Tracks 12
A1. I Hate When That Happens (5:13)
A2. "Live" From the Bottom Line (5:18)
A3. Godammit, You...Bastard (3:17)
A4. A Mind of Its Own (5:07)
A5. Now! (4:55)
B1. Sammy for Africa (3:42)
B2. You Look Marvelous (4:01)
B3. Where's Your Messiah Now? (2:28)
B4. Buddy Young, Jr. (2:43)
B5. Howard Cosell, Right There! (5:00)
B6. Face (8:20)
B7. Fernando's Special Gift (0:22)