Don Fisher and Jim Newstrom / Rodney Robb for President
Cover 1
Artist Don Fisher and Jim Newstrom
Title Rodney Robb for President
Format LP
Released 1984
Number of Tracks 12
A1. Not Just Another Piece of Metal (3:32)
A2. Don't Worry, Rodney (2:28)
A3. Peter Poptart (3:53)
A4. Robbing for Robb (3:23)
A5. Fundraising (3:08)
A6. Hail to the Chief (0:28)
B1. Rodney's Our Man (2:01)
B2. Machine of the Hour (1:50)
B3. Interviews of the Cosmos (6:06)
B4. From the Congo (2:19)
B5. Aloha (0:17)
B6. Did I Win? (2:23)