The Goodies / Beastly Record
The Goodies / Beastly Record
Cover 1
Artist The Goodies
Title Beastly Record
Format LP
Released 1978
Number of Tracks 13
A1. Melody Farm (2:30)
A2. Taking My Oyster for Walkies (3:25)
A3. Spring Spring Spring (2:42)
A4. Terrapins (2:33)
A5. A Man's Best Friend is His Duck (2:34)
A6. Spank That Hamster (2:53)
B1. Rastashanty (2:49)
B2. Ironing My Goldfish (2:25)
B3. Funky Farm (2:29)
B4. There's a Walrus in My Soup (2:32)
B5. Why Doesn't an Elephant Go Tweet Tweet? (2:03)
B6. I Am a Carnivor (3:18)
B7. Elephant Joke Song (3:56)