Felician Cocodril / Laughing Our Way to Cajun Power
Cover 1
Artist Felician Cocodril
Title Laughing Our Way to Cajun Power
Format LP
Released 1981
Number of Tracks 18
A1. Cajuns: Canada to Beaumont (3:03)
A2. Cajun Mystique: Thrifty & Risque (2:57)
A3. My Name & Where I Live (3:02)
A4. That Damn Bayou (1:42)
A5. Dem 'Serene Court' Order (0:40)
A6. Volunteer Fire Impartment (0:21)
A7. TV Question-of-de-Day (1:58)
A8. Unk Boo-Boo's Pumpkin Patch (2:57)
B1. Guess Dem Canary's Weigh (0:46)
B2. Pain in de Toot (1:18)
B3. Phideaux's Funeral (1:53)
B4. Dem Greyhoun' Bus (0:57)
B5. Dat Easter Hairline (1:20)
B6. Averyting Paint Green (5:58)
B7. Pass de Admire (1:08)
B8. Dem Milk Bath (1:39)
B9. Where He Put His Han' (1:13)
B10. God Bless de Hell Outta You! (0:43)