Redd Foxx / Funny Stuff
Redd Foxx / Funny Stuff
Cover 1
Artist Redd Foxx
Title Funny Stuff
Format LP
Released 1963
Number of Tracks 12
A1. Holding French Liquor (3:20)
A2. Indian Preaching (2:30)
A3. The Blind Cab Driver (1:32)
A4. Too Old to Chase (0:23)
A5. Mounted Animals (3:20)
A6. The Cat's Steak (3:20)
B1. My Landlords Credit (1:10)
B2. The Manhole Ovation (0:59)
B3. Slipping in Blood (0:49)
B4. Expensive Toilet Paper (7:10)
B5. My Wife's Mustache (4:07)
B6. Skunk Proof (0:56)