Beatrice Lillie / A Marvelous Party With Beatrice Lillie
Cover 1
Artist Beatrice Lillie
Title A Marvelous Party With Beatrice Lillie
Format LP
Released 1979
Number of Tracks 14
A1. Marvelous Party (3:00)
A2. Three White Feathers / Beatrice Lillie with Hugh French (3:12)
A3. Mad About the Boy (Cockney Maid Version) (3:02)
A4. Mad About the Boy (School Girl Version) (3:02)
A5. Weary of it All (3:08)
A6. He Was a Gentleman (2:39)
A7. I'm a Camp Fire Girl (2:13)
B1. Mother Told Me So (2:22)
B2. The Gutter Song (2:43)
B3. I Hate Spring (2:53)
B4. Get Yourself a Geisha (It's Better With Your Shoes Off) (3:06)
B5. Paree (3:51)
B6. Snoops the Lawyer (2:03)
B7. There Are Fairies At the Bottom Of Our Garden (2:21)