Lynn Robinson / Your Girl for the Night
Cover 1
Artist Lynn Robinson
Title Your Girl for the Night
Format LP
Released 1961
Number of Tracks 12
A1. A Trip Around the World (4:33)
A2. I'm a Girl Who Likes to Eat (2:44)
A3. He's Up in the Morning (3:16)
A4. It's Hard to Eat it When it's Soft (2:51)
A5. The Plumber's Snake (2:04)
A6. He's Sixty Inches Long (1:53)
B1. Give it to Me Baby, Please (2:59)
B2. Come Into My Cave (1:52)
B3. Petting My Pussy (1:58)
B4. Up the Canal (3:33)
B5. Hot Rod Henry (2:20)
B6. How Far Can I Go (3:26)