Ruth Wallis / Saucy Hit Parade
Cover 1
Artist Ruth Wallis
Title Saucy Hit Parade
Format LP
Number of Tracks 12
A1. Johnny Had a Yo Yo (2:49)
A2. It's a Scream How Leveene Does the Rhumba (2:40)
A3. Your Daddy Was a Soldier (2:21)
A4. The Fishing Song (2:59)
A5. Men in My Life (2:32)
A6. Life of Reilly (2:32)
B1. The Dinghy Song (2:44)
B2. Senorita What's Her Name (2:40)
B3. Tonight You Sleep in the Bathtub (2:27)
B4. Down in the Indies (3:00)
B5. An Oilman From Texas (2:20)
B6. Pull Down the Shade, Marie (2:32)