Ruth Wallis / Of Men and Memories
Cover 1
Artist Ruth Wallis
Title Of Men and Memories
Format LP
Number of Tracks 12
A1. Go Away You Bother Me (2:27)
A2. You Remind Me of a Fella (2:50)
A3. I Hate You (For Being Single) (2:25)
A4. After Hours Love (2:36)
A5. I Heard My Heart Break (3:12)
A6. Soft as a Kitten (3:04)
B1. Buy Me a Drink, Will Ya? (2:36)
B2. Tommy (2:59)
B3. Baby Can She Love You Like Me (2:20)
B4. Insomnia (3:03)
B5. He Isn't the Marrying Kind (2:58)
B6. Ooh, He's a Lover (2:21)