Danny Kaye / The Best of Danny Kaye
Cover 1
Artist Danny Kaye
Title The Best of Danny Kaye
Format 2LP
Number of Tracks 24
The Best of Danny Kaye
A1. Ballin' the Jack (2:12)
A2. Anatole of Paris (2:44)
A3. Anywhere I Wander (3:12)
A4. Madam, I Love Your Crepe Suzette (2:27)
A5. The Policeman's Song (2:59)
A6. I'm Late (2:01)
B1. Pigalle (2:43)
B2. Molly Malone (2:41)
B3. I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Cocoanuts (2:24)
B4. The Peony Bush (2:59)
B5. The Handout Song (There's a Handout on Panhandle Hill) (2:21)
B6. Lobby Number (5:54)
The Best of Danny Kaye
A1. St. Louis Blues (3:17)
A2. I Got a Song (2:32)
A3. (a) I Belong to Glasgow (b) Good Old 149 (c) Tchaikovsky (2:26)
A4. Where Walks My True Love (3:20)
A5. C'est Si Bon (It's So Good) (2:46)
A6. Not Since Nineveh (2:48)
B1. Mad Dogs and Englishmen (2:31)
B2. Bloop Bleep (2:34)
B3. Triplets (2:09)
B4. I Love You Fair Dinkum Dinky Di I Do (2:25)
B5. When I Was a Lad (2:31)
B6. Tongue Twisters (2:14)