Ernie and Bert / At Home With Ernie and Bert
Cover 1
Artist Ernie and Bert
Title At Home With Ernie and Bert
Format LP
Released 1979
Number of Tracks 14
A1. Life Without Bert (2:41)
A2. La, La, La (1:51)
A3. The Electric Fan (2:06)
A4. Everybody Wash (1:48)
A5. Fish in Cowboy Hat (2:06)
A6. Ernie Puts the Vase Away (3:01)
A7. Ring Around Rosie (0:49)
B1. Ernie Dusts the Shelf (1:13)
B2. Bert's Nap (2:23)
B3. When I Was Little (2:09)
B4. Ernie Plays His Drums (3:03)
B5. Bert is Sick (2:51)
B6. The "R" Machine (1:10)
B7. I Refuse to Sing Along (2:53)