Various Artists / At Home With That Other Family
Cover 1
Artist Various Artists
Title At Home With That Other Family
Format LP
Number of Tracks 17
A1. It's a White Tornado (0:51)
A2. The Tour of the Kremlin (3:36)
A3. To Tell the Truth (0:25)
A4. The Premier's Press Conference (7:01)
A5. Mrs. K's Troubles (0:32)
A6. The Overcoat (0:45)
A7. Nick and Dick (1:26)
A8. Knock-Knock (0:17)
B1. Nick and Ben (1:13)
B2. Mr. K's Diet (2:14)
B3. Nick and Chou En-Lai (0:24)
B4. The Booking Agent (2:22)
B5. The Cosmonaut's Wife (3:08)
B6. Boris, the Hairdresser (0:58)
B7. Nick and Jack (0:32)
B8. Nervous Nick (0:22)
B9. Mrs. K's Styles (0:48)