Angelina / Confidential
Cover 1
Artist Angelina
Title Confidential
Format LP
Number of Tracks 12
A1. Vice Versa (2:13)
A2. It's Gonna Be a Long Hard Winter (2:22)
A3. I'm a Virgin, But I'm on the Verge (3:01)
A4. Electrician Blues (3:14)
A5. Working Girl (2:56)
A6. You've Got to Use Some Science, if You Want to Get In (2:56)
B1. All the Girls Like Big Dick (1:58)
B2. Shake Your Can (2:30)
B3. Chiropractor Blues (3:36)
B4. Sell Your Proposition While it's Hot (2:12)
B5. What a Man! (2:56)
B6. He Forgot His Rubbers (2:20)