Judy Andraws / My Bare Lady
Cover 1
Artist Judy Andraws
Title My Bare Lady
Format LP
Number of Tracks 12
A1. My Bare Lady (2:40)
A2. They're All After the Same Thing (2:58)
A3. You Ain't Gonna Bury Your Hatchet, in My Ol' Cherry Tree (1:37)
A4. Papa, Put a Fuse in Your Mama's Socket (1:40)
A5. The Song of the Fairy (1:12)
A6. The Strip Teaser's Song (2:58)
B1. There's a Lot of Bangin' Goin' On, Down in the Ol' Red Barn (2:54)
B2. Slip it to Me, Inch By Inch (2:26)
B3. I Ain't Gonna Be Your Target for Tonight (2:18)
B4. You're Playin' With It, if You Shake it Once More (2:41)
B5. I Work for Charity (2:50)
B6. The Line Forms on the Right Boys (1:22)