Pearl Bailey / For Adult Listening
Cover 1
Artist Pearl Bailey
Title For Adult Listening
Format LP
Number of Tracks 12
A1. A Porter's Song to a Chambermaid (3:00)
A2. A Man is a Necessary Evil (2:27)
A3. The Gypsy Goofed (2:46)
A4. My Man (2:41)
A5. You Waited Too Long (2:39)
A6. Sweet Georgia Brown (2:47)
B1. Easy Street (2:43)
B2. I Can't Rock and Roll to Save My Soul (2:17)
B3. There's a Man in My Life (2:56)
B4. Everybody Loves My Baby (1:44)
B5. There's Plenty More Where That Came From (3:15)
B6. That's My Weakness Now (2:02)