Les Barker / Mrs Ackroyd Superstar!
Cover 1
Artist Les Barker
Title Mrs Ackroyd Superstar!
Format LP
Released 1977
Number of Tracks 11
A1. Mrs Ackroyd (1:44)
A2. My Granny's a Wild Flying Dove (My Lady's a Wild Flying Dove) (2:39)
A3. The Rise and Fall of Ghenghis Ackroyd (4:12)
A4. Vincent (2:48)
A5. Where Do You Go To, My Doris? (4:34)
A6. Candlelight and Wine (4:28)
B1. Holland's Meat Pies (Ebony Eyes) (3:02)
B2. The Fastest Accountant In the West (4:43)
B3. Kippers for Tea (Save Your Kisses for Me) (3:07)
B4. Sparky's Magic Contraceptive (4:59)
B5. The Curse of the House of the Baskervilles (5:43)