Barnes & Barnes / Amazing Adult Fantasy
Cover 1
Artist Barnes & Barnes
Title Amazing Adult Fantasy
Format LP
Number of Tracks 14
A1. Learn to Kiss the Enemy (4:40)
A2. Don't You Wanna Go to The Moon (3:23)
A3. Modern Romantic Point of View (3:19)
A4. Nothing Funny (2:35)
A5. I Don't Remember Tomorrow (3:40)
A6. Life is Safer When You're Sleeping (4:00)
B1. Don't Be a Singer (3:55)
B2. I Want to Live in Your Brain (3:21)
B3. ZZ Top Beard (2:57)
B4. Music Doesn't Matter (0:25)
B5. Ah Ā (1:27)
B6. The Little Man (1:57)
B7. Music Spazchow (2:54)
B8. Bang Bang (3:32)