Billy Barnes with Marvin Laird / Live at Studio One
Cover 1
Artist Billy Barnes with Marvin Laird
Title Live at Studio One
Format LP
Number of Tracks 14
A1. Introduction (0:12)
A2. L.A. Is (3:54)
A3. The Hollywood Museum (4:14)
A4. Barbra (2:06)
A5. Where Was the Music (3:27)
A6. Unemployment Line (3:01)
A7. Tatum (1:37)
A8. William Desmond Taylor Murder Mystery (3:31)
B1. Ecclesiasticus (5:07)
B2. Foolin' Ourselves (3:15)
B3. Jerry (1:49)
B4. Ambivalent (3:30)
B5. The Akron (4:03)
B6. Show Biz is My Life (3:45)