Joan Barton / Low Lights & Laughs
Cover 1
Artist Joan Barton
Title Low Lights & Laughs
Format LP
Released 1962
Number of Tracks 11
A1. I Said "No" (2:26)
A2. The Most Fun I Had Without Laughing (2:52)
A3. If I Don't Belong to You (2:48)
A4. Am I Doing it Right? (2:11)
A5. I'm a Big Girl Now (2:28)
A6. That Chick's Too Young to Fry (2:29)
B1. She Had to Go and Lose it at the Astor (2:41)
B2. I Lost My Cherie and Paree (2:44)
B3. Talking Man (2:33)
B4. Kitchen Man (3:45)
B5. It's the Same (4:17)