Dave Barry / Laughs for Losers
Cover 1
Artist Dave Barry
Title Laughs for Losers
Format LP
Number of Tracks 10
A1. Oy, Vegas! (2:34)
A2. Women Drivers (Murder, Inc.) (1:57)
A3. Dishonesty is the Best Policy (2:56)
A4. One Man's Family - For Sale (4:22)
A5. T-V: Tired-Vesterns (5:20)
B1. Bless Our Mortgaged Home (4:20)
B2. Alcoholous Anonymiks (3:20)
B3. Barry'$ $ound $ystem (2:07)
B4. The Misguided Tour (2:14)
B5. The Unfair Sex (4:30)