Oscar Brand Assisted by Dave Sear / Absolute Nonsense
Cover 1
Artist Oscar Brand Assisted by Dave Sear
Title Absolute Nonsense
Format LP
Number of Tracks 18
A1. A Horse Named Bill (2:13)
A2. Fooba-Wooba John (1:41)
A3. Midnight on the Ocean (2:25)
A4. The Derby Ram (2:16)
A5. Good Peanuts (2:30)
A6. Anne Boleyn (2:41)
A7. Buffalo Gals (1:26)
A8. The Old Woman and the Pedlar (2:50)
A9. Shoot the Buffalo (1:28)
B1. Alaska (2:46)
B2. The Frozen Logger (3:33)
B3. Talking Blues (1:47)
B4. The Bold Fisherman (1:50)
B5. In the Vinter (0:56)
B6. Kafoozalum (2:39)
B7. Bunch of Roses (2:35)
B8. The Lady Who Loved a Pig (1:10)
B9. Ain't Gonna Rain No More (1:40)