The Characters / Smash Flops
Cover 1
Artist The Characters
Title Smash Flops
Format LP
Number of Tracks 12
A1. Congratulations, Tom Dewey (1:25)
A2. I Wish I Was in Chicago (2:18)
A3. We're Depending on You, General Custer (1:33)
A4. When the Hindenburg Lands Today (1:42)
A5. Confederate Victory Song (2:04)
A6. Forty-Eight States in the U.S.A. (1:47)
B1. When Amelia Earhart Flies Home (1:19)
B2. Little Rock, That All American Town (1:47)
B3. Good Job, Well Done, Neville Chamberlain (1:52)
B4. Sleepy Cape Canaveral Moon (2:13)
B5. Columbus, You Big Bag of Steam (1:41)
B6. Bon Voyage Titanic (1:46)