Nancy Steele / Play Girl
Cover 1
Artist Nancy Steele
Title Play Girl
Format LP
Number of Tracks 11
A1. The Royal Bed (4:42)
A2. I Tried it - And I Liked It (2:35)
A3. Symphony Conductor Man (2:32)
A4. The Shad Who Could Be Had (2:57)
A5. It's a Bargain (2:29)
B1. Quit Your Feelin' Around (1:32)
B2. The Sweater Song (3:08)
B3. I'm in Love with a Gardener (2:44)
B4. Miss Saks is Wearing Slacks (3:16)
B5. The Tale of a Millionaire (2:36)
B6. What Kind of a Guy is He? (3:39)