Christine Lavin / Absolutely Live
Cover 1
Artist Christine Lavin
Title Absolutely Live
Format LP
Released 1981
Number of Tracks 11
A1. Three Months to Live (3:45)
A2. Amoeba Hop (3:33)
A3. Summer Weddings (5:31)
A4. Add Me to the List (4:18)
A5. Bitter End (4:50)
A6. Prince Charles (5:28)
B1. Mistresses' Lament (I'm Mad) (6:48)
B2. Downtown (6:04)
B3. Gettin' Used to Leavin' (4:50)
B4. The Ballad of Doris and Edmund (5:59)
B5. The Air Conditioner Song (4:42)