The Goodies / The New Goodies L.P.
Cover 1
Artist The Goodies
Title The New Goodies L.P.
Format LP
Released 1975
Number of Tracks 13
A1. Goodies Theme (1:53)
A2. Please Let Us Play (2:49)
A3. Custard Pie (3:20)
A4. Cricklewood (2:51)
A5. Good Ole Country Music (3:41)
A6. Baby Samba (4:17)
A7. Rock with a Policeman (3:05)
B1. The Cricklewood Shakedown (4:26)
B2. Nappy Love (3:31)
B3. I'm a Teapot (3:05)
B4. Working the Line (3:14)
B5. The Funky Gibbon (3:16)
B6. Wild Thing (3:49)