Camper Van Beethoven / Telephone Free Landslide Victory
Cover 1
Artist Camper Van Beethoven
Title Telephone Free Landslide Victory
Format LP
Number of Tracks 18
A1. Border Ska (2:45)
A2. The Day Lassie Went to the Moon (3:10)
A3. Wasted (1:56)
A4. Yanqui Go Home (2:36)
A5. Oh No! (Here it Comes Again) (1:49)
A6. 9 of Disks (2:35)
A7. Payed Vacation: Greece (1:48)
A8. Where the Hell is Bill? (1:59)
A9. Vladivostock (2:19)
B1. Skinhead Stomp (1:43)
B2. Tina (1:33)
B3. Take the Skinheads Bowling (2:26)
B4. Mao Reminisces About His Days in Southern China (1:55)
B5. I Don't See You (2:18)
B6. Balalaika Gap (2:07)
B7. Opi Rides Again (0:48)
B8. Club Med Sucks (3:01)
B9. Ambiguity Song (2:23)