Elton Britt / Yodel Songs
Cover 1
Artist Elton Britt
Title Yodel Songs
Format LP
Released 1956
Number of Tracks 12
A1. Give Me a Pinto Pal (2:21)
A2. Maybe I'll Cry Over You (2:52)
A3. Chime Bells (2:33)
A4. That's How the Yodel Was Born (3:09)
A5. St. James Avenue (2:18)
A6. The Alpine Milkman (2:15)
B1. The Yodel Blues (2:43)
B2. Cannonball Yodel (2:52)
B3. Tennessee Yodel Polka (2:11)
B4. Patent Leather Boots (2:56)
B5. St. Louis Blues Yodel (2:17)
B6. The Skater's Yodel (2:36)