Oscar Brand / Rollicking Sea Shanties
Cover 1
Artist Oscar Brand
Title Rollicking Sea Shanties
Format LP
Released 1962
Number of Tracks 14
A1. Hullabaloo Belay (1:24)
A2. Johnny Come Down to Hilo (2:53)
A3. Come All Ye Young Sailors (2:17)
A4. Johnny Booker (2:23)
A5. Blow Ye Winds in the Morning (2:40)
A6. A Yankee Ship (1:09)
A7. Paul Jones (1:42)
B1. High Barbaree (1:57)
B2. Rio Grande (1:55)
B3. The Ocean Waves May Roll (2:41)
B4. Haul Away, Joe (2:08)
B5. Johnson's Ale (1:38)
B6. William Kidd (2:17)
B7. Whiskey Johnny (2:05)