Oscar Brand / Pie in the Sky
Cover 1
Artist Oscar Brand
Title Pie in the Sky
Format LP
Number of Tracks 16
A1. Pie in the Sky (2:08)
A2. Talking Atom (2:23)
A3. Down, Down, Down (2:35)
A4. Ninety Cents Butter (2:21)
A5. The Clerks of Parch's Grove (2:02)
A6. Give My Regards (2:03)
A7. The Tenderfoot (2:35)
A8. The Mormon Engineer (2:00)
B1. Track Lining Chant (2:48)
B2. The Battle of the Kegs (2:45)
B3. The Dodger Song (2:56)
B4. Arkansas (3:48)
B5. Rum a Dum Dum (2:00)
B6. Tammany (1:46)
B7. The Downtrodden Landlord (3:26)
B8. A Dollar Ain't a Dollar Anymore (2:17)