Oscar Brand / Out of the Blue
Cover 1
Artist Oscar Brand
Title Out of the Blue
Format LP
Number of Tracks 15
A1. The Flying Fortress (1:50)
A2. Will You Go Boom Today? (2:45)
A3. I Learned About Flying From Them (3:07)
A4. Lee's Hoochie (2:16)
A5. Air Force Ground Crew (2:15)
A6. It's a Shyme (3:15)
A7. Pilot's Heaven (2:23)
B1. Pilot of Renown (1:41)
B2. Yankee Dollar (3:14)
B3. The Prettiest Ship (2:07)
B4. In Flight Refeuling (2:35)
B5. New Guinea Strafers (2:30)
B6. Stand to Your Glasses (2:06)
B7. Our Bomber Flies 10,000 Miles (2:39)
B8. Airman's Toast (0:44)