Oscar Brand / Morality
Cover 1
Artist Oscar Brand
Title Morality
Format LP
Number of Tracks 13
A1. Spent My Money on Sally Brown (1:49)
A2. The Morning Dew (3:37)
A3. Sixteen Next Sunday (2:38)
A4. Billy the Kid (2:40)
A5. The Devil's in the Women (Gilgarrah Mountain) (4:21)
A6. Tomorrow We'll Be Sober (6:02)
B1. The Willow Garden (2:45)
B2. Talking Morality Blues (2:29)
B3. A-Dodgin' (The Dodger) (3:33)
B4. The Pale Moonlight (The Copper Kettle) (3:12)
B5. Rye Whiskey (3:01)
B6. The Old Traveler's Song (3:35)
B7. Passing Through (3:56)